1-day workshop

During one day three participants created cups, sundae vessels, little trays and sculptural objects with basic cylindric plaster moulds, the Hinterzimmer mould, and three additional colors. 

November 2022


Geben &

A 4-day introduction into slip casting with porcelain for six novices. Equipped with several plaster moulds of simple cylindric shapes the group learned how to cast, cut, combine and experimented with color, deformation and carving. Many individualistic pieces beyond the shapes the moulds offer, were produced and glazed by each participant.

September 2022


Graphit Festival

Within the graphit festival in Erfurt, handmade bisque-fired plates and trays were illustrated with special underglaze pens, similar to markers and pencils. The illustrators learned how to work with the uncommon porcelain surface and flow of the pens. The glaze got applied afterwards, securing the colors against any form of abrasion, also this way the commonly third decor firing is avoided.

September 2022



Getting people from different groups to talk to each other was the goal of this decoration workshop for Klassik Stiftung Weimar. Used tableware is decorated with special decals that get fired onto the surface, making them durable. The pieces as varying ensembles surprise with different faces, views and perspectives when standing next to each other, bringing people into playful exploration and conversation.

with Anne Marx, July 2022


red decor with 
a studio

Every member of the Weimar based alumni collective a studio, which I am part of, designed decorational elements, that got printed via a special pigment. Within a one-day workshop we sampled the designs into new creations onto prefabricated tableware. Fired at 1200° the entirely red graphics are fixed within the glazing for every purpose. For example the red dinner, the a studio held with their new dishes.

pictures by Jannis Uffrecht


with a studio, November 2021


Design & Do

Organic material such as gras, leaves and flowers from the compost heap of the local park are grinded and mixed with a bit of loam to be moulded around a plastic container (also a problemtically occuring material in the park) forming a compostable tray with formal hints to disposable products.

for Klassik Stiftung Weimar, August 2021


Park bricks

Making bricks for the holey facade of Grünes Labor from park material: kids getting literally into touch with the Ilmpark Weimar by shredding  park material as leaves, roots and grass with a kitchen mill, mixing the greasy mass with loam by hand and pressing them into a brick mold. After drying, the bricks set an archive showing the different materials, that the park offers during growing season.

for Klassik Stiftung Weimar, July 2021


Manifest of practice

As part of a delegation of tutors from Bauhaus University for the 100-year anniversary several workshops were developed for students in Taipeh, Taiwan and La Paz, Bolivia. Central tool is a modular rotational moulding machine, that offers the casting of hollow lightweight objects made of wax, chocolate and polymer plaster.

september+december 2019 


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